Won’t EMU employees pay half the city income taxes?

EMU employees are not going to pay half of your taxes. This claim is a distortion of an income tax feasibility study that concluded that 49% of the projected income tax revenue would come from all non-residents, not just EMU employees. Even if that estimate is correct, the share paid by non-residents will certainly fall as they adapt to escape the tax (described elsewhere in the FAQ).

In the meantime, you would be stuck paying more than ever before, and the approximately 500 EMU employees that live in Ypsilanti would would pay twice as much City Income Tax as their non-resident colleagues. That hardly seems fair.

If the City Income Tax passes, A city resident making $50,000 will pay over $400 more per year, or as much as a 19% increase in total income taxes. Depending on your current property taxes, the percentage increase in your total taxes required to live in Ypsilanti might be even higher. And all this before you start paying for the proposed debt millage.