The Ypsilanti City Council has decided to once again put a City Income Tax plus a huge new Property Tax increase on the ballot for May 8.

Remember, the last time the City Income Tax was on the ballot, it was defeated 2 to 1. This time, the City Council is being a little coy about the election.

The Council is betting you won’t notice this election by spending $20,000 on a special election on May 8, hoping you will be more interested in gardening and bringing out the patio furniture than going to the polls. Pretty sneaky, well actually, it is pretty smart. With a low voter turnout, Council hopes this turkey will pass.

The campaigning has already started, with the Supporters of Higher Ypsilanti Taxes running around saying they will slash Police and Fire if you don’t vote for higher taxes. Worse, Council threatens to abdicate their job and responsibility and claim an Emergency Manager will come in and sell off the pool, parks, and our beloved Freighthouse if they don’t get these massive new taxes approved.

Don’t you wish that just once, politicians would stop threatening to cut Police and Fire every time time they wanted more of your money.