Tax Calculator

Calculate how much you will pay with the Property Tax increases and a new City Income Tax

First, to most accurately calculate your Property Taxes, you need the Taxable Value of your property. To find your taxable value, go to the City of Ypsilanti Assessors website and look up your property. Find where it says taxable value and enter that amount here. Make sure you find Taxable Value and not SEV.

If you don’t know your taxable value, enter what you think your house is worth — the market value, and select the market value button and we can estimate your property taxes.

  • Your property is a "Homestead" if you live there 100% of the time. Unclick "Homestead" if this is a business, commercial or rental property.

  • Here is what you will pay in new taxes to the City of Ypsilanti

  • So what will these new taxes mean to you?

*Based on City of Ypsilanti 5-year Plan and Projected Tax Rates 2017 — Feb 27, 2012