Ypsilanti fails in marketing $30 million Water Street property

We have written several times now how the City of Ypsilanti is spending more money and energy getting information out about the City Income Tax and Water Street millage then they are trying to sell Water Street. Well it gets worse. CB Richard Ellis was hired by the City to market and sell Water Street. If you go to the CBRE website and search for 48198, Water Street is nowhere to be found.

They do have an icon on Water Street but the description is for 9 acre industrial site next to Carter Lumber in the Township.

If you search for Ypsilanti and don’t put the zip, code you will find a listing for Water Street but the directions are wrong saying West Michigan rather than East Michigan.

Why hasn’t the city checked on this in the last 2 years? Oh wait we know why, they are more interested chasing grants and spending precious city resources on a Climate Action Plan and writing Planned Unit Development plans for for non-existent Water Street developers then they are in actually trying to sell Water Street.

Or perhaps the reason is because the City never renewed their contract with CBRE in over a year.

Turns out both of these are true.

Not only is there no contract with CBRE, CBRE wants to work out details on how giving away land for the rec center will affect their commission. CBRE apparently even offered to refund $70,000 if city renewed.

Enough is Enough

Ypsilanti residents and voters cannot afford to pay 30% more in taxes to the City. Ypsilanti already has the highest taxes in the county and our tax burden is already 40% more than the Township.

If these new taxes pass, our tax burden will be double that in Ypsi Township by 2017.

For example: you and your friend live in similar houses both worth $200,000, she in the Township and you in the City. She pays $4,150 a year in taxes to Ypsilanti Township and you will pay over $8,400 in property taxes, income tax, and water surcharges to the City of Ypsilanti.

The township doesn’t have a 70% water surcharge tax nor a Township Income Tax and property taxes in the City will be 46% higher than the Township.

You will never be able to sell your house if someone can buy the very same house in the Township and pay less than half the taxes.

Stand up and make you voice heard. Sign up today at www.StopCityIncomeTax.com and help us defeat these new taxes on Tuesday May 8

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