Election Results

According to the unofficial results from Washtenaw County, we have good news to report.

City Income Tax
Yes — 1000
No   — 1808
64% margin

Water Street Millage
Yes — 1019
NO   — 1786
64% margin

We won in every precinct and in every ward.

We knocked on over 5,000 doors and made over 4,000 phone calls in just 8 weeks of campaigning. The message we heard was clear, Ypsilantians are unhappy over the Water Street fiasco and for the second time in five years, the voters have clearly said the solution to the fiscal challenges in Ypsilanti is not higher taxes. While some will simply dismiss these results as an anti-tax sentiment from voters, we know that is not true. Far from it, Ypsilantians overwhelmingly embraced additional taxes in 2010 to insure stable funding for bus services.

Voters told us they were frustrated with a City government that is seemingly disconnected from the community. A city government that doesn’t understand how hard residents, homeowners, and businesses have been hit by the collapse of the real estate market and the downturn in the Michigan economy.

The hard work has just begun

While the outcome is everything we hoped for and worked so hard for, the fiscal challenges facing Ypsilanti remain unresolved. That is why we say, “The hard work has just begun.”

This is not a time for celebration, now is the time for all of us to begin working together as one.

  • We must come together to begin the important work on the City budget.
  • We must make meaningful progress on Water Street.
  • We must deal with the legacy costs of pensions and benefits.

We must clearly define what are core services to be provided by the City and then with a singular focus, provide those core services at the lowest cost possible.

No longer can we distracted by chasing grants, proposals, and pet projects that don’t work to support our core City services such as Police, Fire, streets, and trash pickup.

No longer can we afford to look only inward, we must look outward to find both short and long term solutions to our fiscal challenges. We cannot be bound by the prejudices and decisions of the past. Finally, we must be willing to embrace change and find new ways to provide vital services for our community.

We stand ready to serve and eager to begin the dialog for meaningful change in the way we prioritize and pay for services in our community. We are all Ypsilantians and neighbors first.

Thank you to all the Volunteers and Supporters that worked so hard on this campaign!